alpha rewards

Alpha Rewards

Alpha Rewards is privilege and loyalty program for Alpha Health Club member. Members can collect points and get other special benefits.

Purchase : Buying a monthly package – every 25 Baht equals to 1 point

Fitness : Booking our group classes through online booking, each class attended will be rewarded 2 points

Participation : Joining Alpha Health Club activities

Cash : Use as cash to buy any package next time – 1 point equals to 1 Baht

Redeem : Redeem a package or exchange for premium products.

Privilege : One member guest day per month


PURCHASE: Only Alpha Health Club packages, not including packages with our partners.

FITNESS: Get extra points with only 2 steps.
1. Book any group exercise classes via Alpha Class Booking.
2. Class instructor checks class attendance before start. Alpha Points will be automatically rewarded.


Invite friend for free trial* 20 points**
Refer friend to be a member* 100 points / 1 month referred friend purchased**
Join new release 20 points
Other activities Future activities which will be announced in our page

*New member only – Never become a member at Alpha Health Club or have not been a member at Alpha Health Club for longer than 6 months.
**First purchase only


CASH: Only Alpha Health Club packages, not including packages with our partners.


Gym only Pool only
Day Pass (1 day) 100 points 80 points
Week Pass (7 days) 400 points 300 points
2 Week Pass (14 days) 700 points 550 points
1 Month (30 days) N/A 1000 points
Signature 1 month 700 points
Drop 1 day 20 points
Member Guest Day takes place on the second Saturday every month throughout the year 2023. Terms and conditions applied as follows.
  1. Guests must present ID card or passport at the reception counter.
  2. Members with active package must present member card.
  3. Members are responsible for their guests at all times.
  4. Member Guest Day is an all – day access.
  5. Limited 1 guest per member.

Other privileges from our partners.

  • Customer who is eligible to this program must have active Alpha Health Club's membership; not including Day Pass, Week Pass and Signature Card.
  • The points have an expiry date. Members shall check for the details with the sales team.
  • Alpha Health Club reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions without prior notice.