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Terms and Conditions
  1. Please bring Alpha Signature Card to activate the package at Reception Counter.
  2. Activated card is non-transferable.
  3. The use of any services and privileges from the signature cards is reserved for the card holder only.
  4. Alpha Signature Card is valid once the card is activated until the length of the package.
  5. Alpha Signature Card is not participated in Alpha Rewards Program.
  6. The membership suspensions are not allowed.
  7. Cannot be exchanged for cash or any discount.
  8. Alpha Signature Card must be present to our staff before access the club.
  9. The replacement for a lost or damaged Alpha Signature Card will be at THB 300 per request.
  10. Any Personal Training Session is valid according to member package plans and Day pass session must be used together with Personal Training Session.
  11. In case of the remaining membership, more service sessions can be purchased at Alpha Signature Prices.
  12. In case of the remaining membership: can exchange more valued service sessions for less valued service sessions.
  13. In case of the remaining session but membership expired: cannot access until purchase more Alpha Signature Card packages.
  14. Continued from No. '13' : allowed to use the remaining sessions if member re-new within 3 months after the first package has expired.
  15. Continued from No. '13' : the remaining sessions will cut-off if the member do not re-new the package within 3 months after the first package has expired.
  16. Discount for Standard Package is reserved for card holder only and can be used throughout the card period.
  17. Alpha Health Club reserves the final right to alter the terms of the privileges of any packages without prior notice.

Alpha Signature Prices

No. Services Normal Price Signature Price Remarks
1 Day Pass 450 300  
2 Day Pass + Pool 550 400  
3 Pool Only 200 150  
4 Personal Trainer 1 session 1,650 1,200 Include Day Pass
5 Personal Trainer (MGR) 1 session 1,950 1,500 Include Day Pass
6 Tanita 200 50  
7 Premium Set Selling Price Discount 50%