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alpha packages

Unlock Fitness Excellence with Standard Membership!

Welcome to the heart of fitness at Alpha Health Club—your gateway to unparalleled wellness. Embrace the basics and enjoy unlimited access to the finest fitness facilities in Phuket Town.

Membership Options:

Packages Package Price (THB) Benefits
Standard Membership 1 Month 2,700 Baht  
Standard Membership 3 Months 7,500 Baht The flexibility to self-suspend membership up to 3 times within a 15-day period
Standard Membership 6 Months 14,400 Baht The flexibility to self-suspend membership up to 6 times within a 30-day period
Standard Membership 12 Months 27,600 Baht The flexibility to self-suspend membership up to 12 times within a 60-day period
Pool Package 1 month 200 Baht/ month Extra package for Alpha Health Club’s member only

Exclusive Add-Ons:

- Swimming Pool Access: Dive into an extra layer of wellness for an additional 200 Baht per month; exclusive for Alpha Health Club’s member only
- Flexibility: Suspend your package easily through Alpha System, offering convenience anytime, anywhere.

Why Choose Standard Membership?

- Holistic Wellness: Access top-notch fitness and relaxation facilities.
- Flexible Commitment: Choose a package that suits your fitness goals and lifestyle.
- Modern Convenience: Manage your membership seamlessly through Alpha System.

Embark on a fitness journey that offers more than just workouts—choose Standard Membership and experience fitness redefined!

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