Alpha Health Club is dedicated to providing premium services to our members in all elements such like fitness machines of three leading brands from the United States i.e. Life Fitness, Hammer Strength and Cybex. We only select the best version of machines to our club members together with world-class fitness classes like Les Mills. Alpha Health Club can accommodate up to 1,000 members and accommodate up to 200 people per hour during rush hour.

cardio room

The Cardio Area covers a total area of 165 square meters, offering 9 different machines for a total of 21, including...

weight room

The Strength Area covers 360 square meters with a total capacity for 50 people and includes 40 fitness...

Group Exercise Studio

The Group Exercise Studio covers an area of 200 square meters with a capacity for 25 to 40 people for class training...

Spinning Studio

With more than 100 square meters and a capacity for 20 users, The Spinning Studio uses the cutting-edge digital system...

Yoga Studio

The Yoga Studio can fit 15 to 20 people on an area of 100 square meters. It was specifically designed for yoga classes...

Outdoor Running Ramp and green space

The 70-meter long Outdoor Running Ramp lies among the lush garden and brings a breath of fresh air...

swimming pool

Swimming pools of various sizes. For teaching classes in water. Can support many members to join the class.